What is the TOY Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program at TOY is a volunteer program that allows us to communicate directly to people on the front lines of education based organizations. We want you to be the first to know about exciting offerings at TOY and to help us spread the word around your schools and organizations to children and their parents. The best method for marketing is WORD OF MOUTH.  

Commitment requirements:

  • Providing a valid email address.
  • Be willing to receive and distribute flyers or information in regards to TOY workshops, productions and events.
  • Be an advocate for TOY outside of the theatre.
  • Be willing to direct people to our website.

Membership includes:

  • An annual meet and greet/informational networking session.
  • Special ticket offers to upcoming TOY productions.
  • An exclusive TOY gift.

How do I join? Fill out our form by clicking HERE.

Education at Theatre of Youth

Did you know that Theatre of Youth has been holding workshops for young people for 48 years? With the breadth of knowledge and expertise in the field of theatre and theatre education we recommend you direct people to Theatre of Youth workshops! Not only do children get a deeper understanding of theatre, they also walk away with important life skills to help them in whatever their interests may be!

  • flexible thinking & acceptance of change
  • listening & responding
  • human connection & empathy
  • making big choices & taking risks

TOY offers theatre classes all year long to keep children grades K-12 engaged creatively through every season! Theatre of Youth workshops are active and fun, informative, and are broadening the character of every child who participates. Watch for emails in regards to upcoming offerings or visit our website at www.theatreofyouth.org.

CLICK HERE for a TOY Ambassador Flyer.

For Inquiries, email [email protected] or call 716.884.4400 ext. 308.