In every children’s story there is good and evil, a hero who fights all the dragons, witches and pirates, so the rest of us can live happily ever after. Now, it’s your turn to play the hero.

Wiggling worms, Civil War soldiers, grandmothers who never die. At Theatre of Youth, imagination grabs the spotlight. It’s a place where children form lifelong memories, and adults remember what it feels like to see life as a child. Thanks to the generosity of members, businesses in the community, and local government, TOY is able to spark imagination in thousands of kids each season.

We are proud to be such an instrumental part of youth education and entertainment in Western New York. Theatre is a powerful way to speak to young people. Long after the lights go down, the world created by actors, scenery, costumes, and music keeps activating and nurturing a child’s mind and imagination. Experiencing performances at TOY heightens a child’s natural curiosity and develops creative confidence, both essential life skills. But more than that, research shows that children who experience cultural events like those at Theatre of Youth have higher test scores and aptitude levels, go further with their education, and are more likely to vote and remain active in communities as adults. This means that each season, private and corporate donations allow us to give 30,000 children an advantage that will positively impact the rest of their lives. There are numerous ways to donate to Theatre of Youth. Corporate sponsorships, Save a Seat for the Future, and one-time or monthly donations. No donation is too big or too small. Give the gift of TOY to the young people in your life. Make your donation today.