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The Outsiders based on the book by S.E. HINTON, Adaptation by CHRISTOPHER SERGEL. Produced by special arrangement with DRAMATIC PUBLISHING, Woodstock, Illinois.


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The Outsiders is a searing story of real kids in real situations with real consequences seen through the eyes of young Ponyboy. Territorial battles between the have-it-made rich kids — the Socs — and Ponyboy’s tough, underprivileged “greaser” family and friends are just a part of life. But even in the midst of urban gang warfare, somehow Ponyboy can’t forget a short poem that speaks to their fragile young lives. This heroic story of belonging, friendship, and maintaining hope in the face of struggle is a powerful reminder of what young people encounter every day. 

Directed by Chris Kelly. TOY’s production of THE OUTSIDERS was originally produced in March 2020. This video production was filmed in October 2020.

Running Time: 1 hr 54 min. Strongly recommended for ages 12+ as this production of THE OUTSIDERS is true to the story of the book and film. There will be a portrayal of gang violence.

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Photography by Michael Walline

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