Past Reviews


“4 out of 4 stars!” -The Buffalo News


I fell in love as soon as I walked in and saw the world waiting for us on stage.  It wasn’t extravagant or shocking, just simple and beautiful”

Ben Siegel, The Buffalo News, Full Review

New Kid

“You may know by now that everything Theatre of Youth puts on stage is first-rate…  The actors are extremely convincing, and after the show, re-reading their bios and looking at the “head shots” I was stunned to realize that they must all be in their 20s, but they move and talk like young teens.”

Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising, Full Review


“4 out of 5 Buffalos!”

Everyone in this well-rehearsed cast delivered a first-rate “opening night” (well, this is a kid’s show, so opening afternoon) performance: John Profeta as the clueless Mr. Monroe, Jenn Stafford as the super-efficient mom Mrs. Monroe, Rich Kraemer as Harold the dimwitted dog, Christine Cooke-Macvittie as Bunnicula’s puppeteer (and veterinarian), Tyler Eisenmann as the older brother Toby and Ayden Herreid as the younger brother Pete.”

Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising, Full Review

“3 out of 4 stars!  …That makes “Bunnicula” one of those stories in which kids in the audience know even more than the grown-ups, which always feels good. Kids who have read the books or seen TV shows inspired by them will plug into the action immediately, while first-timers may be inspired to pick up the book afterward.”

Melinda Miller, The Buffalo News, Full Review

“‘Bunnicula’ is a lighthearted, easy to follow horror-comedy that is perfect for children on Halloween (I mean, October). It’s frightening Dracula inspiration is downplayed by the adorable pets and the silly humans who think they know better. There’s many laughs and thrills to be had, recommended for ages 6 and up.”

Kristin Loughran, Buffalo Theatre Guide, Full Review

“Christine Cooke-Macvittie is the puppeteer, working Bunnicula’s fangs and red eyes, expertly moving him around the set as he goes about his vegetarian vampire business.”

Ann marie Cusella, Buffalo Vibe, Full Review

Elephant and Piggie’s “We Are in a Play!”

“5/5 Buffalos!  Delightfully daft, charmingly acted, this high-energy production allows two TOY veterans, Arin Lee Dandes and Bobby Cooke, to end this successful TOY season with a wow.”

Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising, Full Review

“4/4 Stars!  …This charmer of a show lives up to all expectations fans of the children’s picture books might have.”

Melinda Miller, The Buffalo News, Full Review

Charlotte’s Web

“TOY spins a wonderful ‘Web’ for a young  audience, 3/4 Stars!  …For creative kids and those who already have heard about the clever spider who saved the happy pig, the show brings to life a world they only imagined.”

Melinda Miller, The Buffalo News, Full Review

“There is never a whiff of ironic detachment or “dumbing down” at Theatre of Youth. The actors really “sell it,” and the younger audience believes it. Productions there are some of the best in Buffalo.”

Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising, Full Review

The Shakespeare Stealer

“4/4 Stars! The talented nine-player ensemble exudes an energy and good-spiritedness that older kids will plunge into whole-heartedly. Theater-loving adults without a child available may even want to see it on their own.”

Melinda Miller, Buffalo News, Full Review

“This production has the best sword play (Fight Choreography by Steve Vaughan) that I have seen in years, and I’m talking about Shakespeare in Delaware Park and The Stratford (Shakespeare) Festival.”

Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising, Full Review

Junie B. Jones in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

“This ‘Junie B. Jones’ rewards theatergoers young and old. It’s also an attractive afternoon escape for families looking for something beyond the usual holiday fare.”

Collin Dabkowski, The Buffalo News, Full Review

“Junie B. Jones in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells is all that and a bag of chips. 5/5 Buffalos! I’ve been waiting for a ‘Five Buffalo’ theater experience for a while.”

Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising, Full Review