Recent Virtual Production: NEW KID by Dennis Foon (December 2020)

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NEW KID was written by Dennis Foon based on the concept by Jane Howard Baker, and was originally produced by Green Thumb Theatre for Young People, Vancouver, British Columbia.  


This provoking story about an immigrant family is a timely piece for children in grades 5-8.  After moving from the fictional “Homeland” to America, the central character, Nick, hopes to make new friends in his new school.  Those hopes vanish after his classmates make fun of his clothes, lunch, and his confusion about almost everything. Worst of all, Nick doesn’t speak the language. But with a clever twist, New Kid immediately puts us into Nick’s shoes by having him speak English and the other characters an unintelligible gibberish. You can imagine the perspective this would give your students on bullying, immigration, and change. 

Directed by Meg Quinn. Starring Zachary Bellus, Michael Benoit, Clarissa Maloy and Lisa Vitrano. TOY’s production of NEW KID was originally produced in 2018.  

Running time of streaming video is 1 hour (including 45-minute production of NEW KID and TOY’s talk-back).

Recommended for ages 8+ We’re excited to share this experience with you. Each transaction will receive only one link. Please note that like a live performance at the Historic Allendale Theatre, patrons will be able to watch the link once. Your access to the page will expire in 14 days.

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